Spreads Hope and Happiness
All over the World

‘Save the World’ God wants all humankind to be saved.

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Welcome to the Church of God
in Philippines!

The World Mission Society Church of God has over 7,500 branch churches in 175 countries and about 3.3 million registered members.

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Manila Zion

Have you ever felt Heavenly Love? We are sharing the Eternal Love and serve Each Other.

Quezon City Zion

Have you discovered the existence of God in the Bible? We believe in Elohim God in the Bible.

Las Piñas Zion

Have you ever heard of Heaven full of joy? We invite you to the Heaven of Grace.


Church of God puts emphasis on faith and action based on the Bible. Aren’t you curious to know what truths are in the Bible?



Feast of Unleavened Bread

Day of Resurrection

Day of Pentecost

Feast of Trumpets

Day of Atonement

Feast of Tabernacles

Church of God Sermons

Confirm the words of the Bible that are surprising and mysterious through the Church of God video Sermon!


Church of God practices the love of God through various volunteer works; worldwide clean-up campaigns, blood drives, disaster relief, community support etc.

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Cleanup Campaign

We work to protect the planet. Cleaning the environment starts with me

Neighborly Love

We help our neighbors who are suffering from diseases, economic difficulties, and feeling left out in society

Disaster Relief

We provide our help at disaster-stricken areas

Social Support

We share non-discriminatory love for everyone to live a happy life

If you want to visit the Church of God or know more information, please make an inquiry anytime

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