2017 Worldwide Blood Drive Generates 236 Pints of Blood

The 2017 Worldwide Blood Drive is the 686th of the World Mission Society Church of God of giving “Life Through the Love of the Passover”. Conducted “in Celebration of Winning the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service” with the cooperation of the Lung Center of the Philippines and the Philippine Blood Center on March 16, 2017 from 10AM to 4PM at the Lung Center main lobby.

March 16 | 2017 Worldwide Blood Drive at the Lung Center of the Philippines
March 16 | 2017 Worldwide Blood Drive at the Lung Center of the Philippines

236 Pints, most successful blood drive

In most blood drive campaigns the LCP holds, 50 to 100 blood bags is deemed a success. However, more than 400 participants in this mass blood donation generated 236 pints of blood. This made the event the most successful drive held at the hospital.

Special guests attended this event. There came the Executive Director of the Lung Center of the Philippines, Dr. Vincent M. Balanag Jr., to give some opening remarks. Councilor Erwin Romero under Committee on Health also came to show support from Barangay Quirino 2C District 3. And Mr. Vladimir Estocado, in charge of Volunteer’s Desk, delivered message from the office of Mayor Herbert Bautista.

“Actually the WMSCOG is one of the most active organization [among] almost 1800 NGOs, peoples organizations, volunteer groups and foundations recognized by the Quezon City Government as partner for the development. We would like to congratulate the WMSCOG for winning the most prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Service. The Philippines also has a Search for Outstanding Volunteer Award. As for the Quezon City Government, we have the Local Outstanding Volunteer Award. We always nominate your organization to be recipient of [that] award.”
-Mr. Vladimir Estocado, representative of QC Mayor Herbert Bautista

2017 Worldwide Blood Drive of Life

The event commenced with a prayer led by Pastor Choi Jeongmaan, Overseer of the Church of God Philippines. Followed by a greeting of blessing with one saying to another, “God bless you!” Afterwards, Pastor Choi shared about the event’s purpose: to share the love of Elohim and of the Passover as well.

When the short opening program has finished, marshals went to their posts and guided the participants at every step. This resulted in a fast and orderly flow. First, the Registration, where participants sign up and get their forms. Then, to see if they can be a donor, they proceed to the Assessment. From their weight to their medical history to their hemoglobin test results; it is decided whether they can donate or not. Those who passed the examination and donated blood were given a necklace of shiny candies. In addition, the Lung Center gave them a hand towel and some snacks to restore their energy. Meanwhile, the effort and courage of those who came but were not able to donate did not go unappreciated. They packaged candies as well as a consolation notes that cheered them up and brought smiles to their faces.

There were so many members that the Lung Center Team had to coordinate with the Philippine Blood Center. They divided the Participants into two groups and led them to the second floor where they resumed the event. Throughout all these, members waited patiently with a smile. The love that the members radiated attributed to the event’s light atmosphere.

2017 Worldwide Blood Drive with Love

Life Through Blood

“We receive the promise of eternal life from God through His blood, in the same way, we receive physical life through blood. That’s why we continually conduct blood drives in order to share life and the love of God.” -Pastor Choi Jeongmaan, Overseer of the Church of God Philippines

The church aims to give a hand to neighbors who are suffering from illnesses or disasters, promote the value of one’s blood, and benefits in donating blood. Above all, the Church of God would like to inform people about the most important Blood of Christ that will give us Eternal Life and salvation through the celebration of the Feast of Life, the Passover of the New Covenant.

The 2017 Worldwide Blood Drive is a relay blood drive conducted in all 2,500 Churches of God in 175 countries throughout the world. It is held simultaneously in major cities including South Korea, United States, UK, France, Mongolia, Singapore, Peru, Africa, along with many other countries around the world. In the Philippines Churches of God, the blood drives took place in Quezon City, Baguio, Davao, Laoag, Cebu, and also in many other cities and provinces.


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    • Amen po! Truly, the glory of God Elohim is being spread throughout the world according to the prophecy of the bible. Thanks to Father and Mother po! ^^

  1. Amazing event given by our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. We can receive eternal life through their flesh and blood by celebrating the Passover of the New Covenant. Thanks to God Elohim for their boundless love to mankind.

  2. WMSCOG members always try to practice Mother’s Teachings by sharing and transferring the love of God. Blood Drive world wide is one of them. Thankful and proud to be a member of WMSCOG. Always animo !!

  3. It’s a wonderful activity for giving life trough blood donation. Heavenly Mother gives us eternal life through the Passover of the new covenant.

  4. By the Grace of our Heavenly Father and Mother, such a beautiful website just like my brothers and sisters in zion all over the world 🙂 <3 <3 ANIMO!!

  5. I’m sure that Elohim God, Father and Mother, are very pleased with you all WMSCOG Filipino members because you always do your effort to follow Their examples and teachings. Sending love and cheer to all of you. 😀

  6. Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong who gave us the forgiveness of sin and eternal life thru the great sacrifice of Your precious blood.

  7. Nowadays, It’s hard to see that many people donate their own blood without any rewards. In that sense, WMSCOG’s event is so nice to the society and they really do the pure function of religión.

  8. Thanks to the great works of WMSCOG to save people around them. I hope people will also keep the Passover, the way to eternal life:)

  9. Blood is life. Losing blood is like losing life.
    In rhe same way giving blood is like giving life. Giving blood for this reason is a small but big act of love. Thank you for love with God. Church of God is the best ♥

  10. WMSCOG is really wonderful. I saw this good church first time. I can realize that God’s love makes us good person. We love u. Mother will be pleased from these activities. Thanks to God.

  11. Today, noble love of God the Mother is spreading to all over the world.
    Thanks to our spiritual parents, God the Father and God the Mother to give the eternal life.♥

  12. Through the blood drive many people can receive a new life. Likewise, we can receive eternal life through the Passover. Jesus said that those who eat the blood of Jesus have eternal life on the Passover. It’s God’s great love.

  13. Blood is life. Sharing blood is love to give life. God gave us His all blood to give life, eternal life, by the new covenant Passover. God gave us His life and died on the cross instead of us. Let’s deliver eagerly this covenant of love.

  14. Blood donation events can save a lot of lives, I do’t think that is easy to put it into practice.
    The way I practice true love of Christ is so touching. I would like to participate in the blood donation event.