About Us

The World Mission Society Church of God believes in God Elohim – God the Father and God the Mother. The church members also believe in the Bible prophecy that God the Mother is to come to this earth in the flesh to save mankind.

Spread God the Mother’s Love

The members learned the holy sacrifice and love of God. This is why they are trying their best to share this love to the world. The foundation of all their efforts is the love of God the Mother. Just as a mother’s main concern is her children’s well-being, the Church of God, too, shares the same love by practicing good deeds to the society.

Worldwide Evangelism

Moreover, the World Mission Society Church of God has been entrusted with the mission of worldwide evangelism, including saving all the 100 million souls in the Philippines. As Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5:13, they are now fulfilling the role of the salt and light of the world. They take the role of the salt which cleanses this world that has become wicked and the light that brightens up the whole world. This is why the 3.3 million members of the Church of God all over the world continue to preach the truth of the new covenant and to deliver the love of God Elohim to all 7.8 billion people with the utmost sincerity. Now, the glory of God and the way of salvation has come to the Philippines.