Stuffed Toy Drive Cheers Up Cancer Patients in PCMC

July 29, 2013
Sharing Love with Neighbors, Visit to Philippines Children Medical Center

Stuffed Toy Drive Cheers Up Cancer Patients in PCMC

Stuffed Toy Drive for Cancer Patients in PCMC Over 90 members of the World Mission Society Church of God Quezon City (WMSCOG-QC) held a Stuffed Toy Drive, entitled “Sharing Love with Neighbors: Visit to Philippine Children Medical Center” for the cancer patients confined in PCMC, delivering love and comfort through a set of activities last July 29.

Overflowing Love Brought Forth Surplus Stuffed Toy

Initially, the focus of the event was only the cancer patients. But many people wanted to give smile through a stuffed toy. Volunteers discovered that they had gathered more stuffed toys than there were cancer patients in PCMC. With as much joy as ever, the members traversed all throughout the in-patient and out-patient departments. They provided encouragement to every single patient and their families. Ultimately, not only cancer patients were given a stuffed toy.

Love and comfort from volunteers

The program started at the PCMC entrance hall with prayer for the children and their families, cheering, and intermission. Both youth and adult members offered consolation to the children and their parents. Youth members gave each patient a stuffed toy. They told stories with the children’s books they carried around, served snacks, and did entertaining room performances. Meanwhile, adult members of the church talked to the parents about the situation of their children and consoled them.

Preparation for the event

Few weeks before the event, all Quezon City members of the church brought their own stuffed toy to donate. Adult members even went the extra mile to gather stuffed toys from nearby residents. UP Elohist, the church’s University of the Philippines-based organization joined the event and invited fellow students to join as well. Afterwards, all donated stuffed toys were thoroughly washed by the members. Then they were tied with white scarves decorated with uplifting messages such as ‘you can do it!’ and ‘cheer up!’

Response of Families

The families of the cancer patients expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the activity. They expressed that the event will always be remembered and treasured in the hearts of the children and theirs as well.

The families wished for the church to continue its heartwarming activities to help and support other people. In gratitude, a family member of one patient said, “Nagpapasalamat kami sa UP Elohist at sa miyembro ng COG dahil binisita nila kami dito. Masayang masaya kami dahil sa kabila ng aming kalagayan ay may nakakaalala sa amin. Purihin ang Diyos dahil may mga binigyan ng puso na katulad nila [UP Elohist, COG].”

[We are grateful to UP Elohist and to the members of the Church of God for visiting us here. Our situation is poor, but we are very happy because some people still remember us. Thanks and glory be to God for giving us compassionate and loving people like you.

Love and comfort originates from God the Mother

The WMSCOG has already been conducting various voluntary activities throughout the years. Nevertheless, they still promise that they will be continuously conducting various activities for the well-being of the Filipino community, through life-saving, social, and environmental activities. Ultimately, these endeavors are fueled by the love of God the Mother, wanting to comfort all people living a hard life on earth and to save all mankind.

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

The PCMC is a specialized pediatric medical center catering to the health needs of Filipino children especially of the indigent for 35 years. Patients include children who are suffering from illnesses such as cancer, blood disorders, neurological diseases, developmental congenital disorders, and other life threatening illnesses.