ASEZ Holds 2018 Global Forum in Quezon City

November 9, 2018
ASEZ Holds 2018 Global Forum in Quezon City

The ASEZ Global Forum 2018 took place on December 9 in the 1st Quezon City branch of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). The Reduce Crime Together project took center stage in this year’s forum. Speakers from different fields gave talks on crime reduction, a prerequisite for a peaceful society and the 16th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) set by the United Nations. More than 75 VIPs and over 600 students flocked to the event.

Notably, ASEZ volunteers themselves ledforum preparations, with the Metro Manila branches of the WMSCOG providingsupport.

ASEZ Global Forum the first of its kind inQuezon City

The ASEZ Global Forum first took place in the Philippines last year, but it remains the only forum of its kind in Quezon City. Volunteers in other countries organized the forum as well. For example, the same forum took place in Peru on October 17.

Activities for guests included a photobooth on the second floor of the building and a freedom wall on the fifth floor. Meanwhile, VIPs had exclusive access to a panel exhibit about ASEZ and a snack bar on the third floor.

The ASEZ Global Forum 2018 started at 1:15 PM. A special sestet sang “Right Now, Right Here,” an anthem calling on students and government officials alike to take action. Then, seventeen students carried banners of the SDGs onto the stage. To show support, VIP attendees signed an MoU and the ASEZ Agreement before joining the students for a photo op.

ASEZ Holds 2018 Global Forum in Quezon City

Selected VIPs delivered short talks in the second half of the program. PSupt. Cherry Lou Donato emphasized the necessity of crime prevention in her keynote message. Afterwards, MMEVC-MMDA deputy head Col. Geruncio Ilagan outlined the definition of crimes by a person while Councilor Ranulfo Ludovica presented on the crime prevention policy of Quezon City. UP executive vice president Dr. Teodoro Herbosa highlighted university students’ role in preventing interpersonal violence. Finally, WMSCOG overseer James Choi discussed the Broken Window Theory on the physical and spiritual levels.

Vladimir Estocado, the officer in charge of the Volunteer and Citizenship Program of the Quezon City Hall, was among several VIPs who congratulated ASEZ. “We are also looking for the solutions on how to reduce crime, and then it turns out that you have one of the solutions, which is Mother’s love,” he said.

ASEZ Holds 2018 Global Forum in Quezon City

Dr. Herbosa also brought up the same pointin the middle of his presentation, saying, “This Church of God is espousingMother’s love.” He complimented ASEZ’ revolutionary solution and agreed that itcould solve the problems of violence and crime.

Col. Ilagan expressed his amazement at the event during a short interview. “This makes a revelation about the role of our beloved Mother, Mother God, and we should acknowledge Her and let Her do Her job,” he said. “All we have to do is open our heart, listen to Her, and be an active participant in the realization of God’s plan.”

Through the Reduce Crime Together project, ASEZ wishes to make the world safer starting with “small” actions such as cleanups. This taps into the broken window theory, which states that a small problem left unsolved can lead to a bigger problem.

ASEZ stands for “Save the Earth from A to Z.” This organization aims to awaken the energy and passion of young adults for meaningful results. From the beginning until the end, ASEZ will take the lead in building a brighter future for all.

ASEZ Holds 2018 Global Forum in Quezon City