Christmas: Non-Biblical and Not God’s Command

September 13, 2022

People get excited at the festive atmosphere of this celebration. It is that time of the year when everyone is in their holiday spirits with the loud cheering and greeting, singing carols, gift giving, storytelling and family gatherings. Every corner, every house, is decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments and wreaths, and of course Christmas won’t be complete without Christmas trees. Imagine snow, and Christmas lights everywhere, there is always something captivating about it, almost magical.  The culmination of this series of events in December is the birth of Jesus on the night of December 25, and it is celebrated with lots of holiday food like ginger bread, ham, chocolate puddings and all those Christmas goodies, and not to forget, gift-giving.  For many, it is the most wonderful time and the best time of the year — the time to be with family and friends and to commemorate the birth of Christ Jesus, our Savior.

In it, however, lies the scheme of Satan to lead all people to eternal destruction. Only those who can discern the truth and commands of God are the true people of God who have firm faith to stand against Satan’s snare.

Was Jesus really born on December 25?

December is winter season in the northern part of the world. Israel, where Jesus was born, is in the Northern Hemisphere. Israel is a country known to tending flocks of sheep. In Luke 2:8-11, it is said that there were shepherds keeping watch over their sheep at night when host of angels announced the birth of Jesus. However, sheep are usually not out in the fields but kept in sheepfolds to protect them from the cold harsh winds especially in the winter night. Also, in Bethlehem, shepherds guarded their sheep in the fields day and night from March to November, and lived outside, protecting the flocks from wild animals and poachers.

Therefore, comparing the circumstance of the birth of Jesus with that of winter season, December is certainly not the birth month of Christ but may be around spring time as speculated by many historians and Biblicist.

Christmas: Non-Biblical and Pagan Revelry

The apostles never celebrated Christmas nor did the early Christians. Christian history testifies that Christmas is a christianized pagan festival, and that its customs originated from pagans who worshipped idols.

The Origin of Christmas

December 25 was first celebrated as the birthday of the sun-god (natalis solis invicti), when at the winter solstice begins to show an increase in light. The date was chosen in A.D. 274 by the pagan Roman Emperor Aurelian. Soon after, many Christians began to join in this pagan festival and the various celebrations that went with it, being unable to stand against the strong pull of the festivity.

In 354 A.D., Bishop Liberius of Rome declared that all Christians should celebrate the Lord’s birth on December 25, a weak attempt to keep the Christians away from all the pagan rituals that came with the worship of the sun-god.

All the traditions kept during Christmas came from a series of pagan festivals. For example, the merrymaking came from the pagan festival Saturnalia celebrated from December 17-23. It was the best of days as feasting, gifting, singing, dancing, games, gambling, decorations, and role-reversals were the usual activities during these time. And so, businesses, schools, courts, and other forms of work are stopped so that everyone could join in the fun in honor of the god Saturn. The Roman festival Sigillaria on December 23 is the gift-giving day of the festival of Saturnalia. And lastly, Brumalia, also known as the winter solstice festival, celebrated on December 25, when at the shortest day, the sun begins to resurface and the length of days begins to increase.

Isn’t it detestable, then, to celebrate Christmas, thinking that it is the birthday of Jesus, when in fact it is the birthday of the sun-god? Jesus is not the sun-god. Jesus is God, the one and true God, who created the heavens and the earth; the God who is the beginning and the end.  When we celebrate Christmas, who, then, is your god? Not Jesus, definitely!

Destruction, the Fate of those Celebrating Christmas 

Celebrating Christmas is breaking the first commandment of God – You shall have no other gods before me. Therefore, participating in this celebration does not lead to God’s blessings but to God’s curse, that is destruction. The Bible shows us many cases of those who worship other gods. Should we not learn the lesson from them and absolutely obey God’s words?