God the Mother Has Come to the Earth

October 18, 2016
God the Mother Has Come to the Earth

Do you know God the Mother’s love story?

Although we have forgotten about our Spiritual Mother, She has come to the Earth to find all Her lost children, including you. Just as we have God the Father, we also have God the Mother who is willing to sacrifice Herself to take us to the kingdom of heaven.

Isaiah 49:15 Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

God is our Spiritual Father

Before Jesus came to this earth, the believers of God referred to him as Lord.

Psalm 116:4 Then I called on the name of the LORD: ‘LORD, save me!’

When Jesus came to this earth in the flesh, He taught his disciples the proper way of praying:

Matthew 6:9 Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…

Why did Jesus find it necessary to teach his disciples how to pray? Whom do we speak to when we pray? Surely, God. The word ‘Lord’ means master. If we address God with the word LORD, we acknowledge ourselves as His servants. To a sincere Christian, it is the greatest honor to be acknowledged as God’s servant. It is true that God is the master and the ruler of the entire universe, but why did Jesus teach us to call God “Our Father” instead of our Lord, our creator or our savior?

God the Father is not only creator God but also our Spiritual Father

There are two reasons why Jesus taught us this prayer. First, Jesus was clarifying our relationship with God. God does not want us to regard Him merely as our ruler or creator or master. That is to say, God clarifies that He is the Father of our spirits.

Hebrews 12:9  Since we respected our earthly fathers who disciplined us, shouldn’t we submit even more to the discipline of the Father of our spirits, and live forever? (NLT)

John 8:35 Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.

There are Children of God whom He Acknowledges

God acknowledges us as His sons and daughters. Our Father’s ardent desire is for us to live with Him forever in the eternal kingdom of heaven.

The bible says that this earth is a copy and shadow of the kingdom of heaven.

Hebrews 8:5 These serve as a copy and shadow of the heavenly things … (HCSB)

Can you see the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you understand it? Is it possible to enter it if you do not understand it? The reason He gave us the earthly system, is so that we can understand it. God allowed the systems of this earth as a copy and shadow of the systems of heaven.

Anyone can understand heavenly system through the earthly system

If we understand even the most basic principles of heaven, it will be a lot easier to enter this wonderful place. God created all the basic systems that govern the global village today because of His love and earnest desire to lead us to heaven. Among the systems here on earth, is the family system.

Let us understand why God taught us to call Him Father through the earthly family system. Here on earth, there is only one standard for a man to be called a father–he MUST have a child. A man without a child or children cannot be called a father.

Let us set forth again that it is God who created this family system as a copy and shadow. His purpose is to help us understand heaven and consequently, enter it. It is God who allowed the coining of the term “father” and it is God who established the global standard of fatherhood. If God intended to call Himself Father, He MUST have children. Who are God’s children?

2 Corinthians 6:18 ”I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters”, says the LORD Almighty. (NLT)

People who follow and obey God are acknowledged as God’s children.

God’s Children have their Spiritual Mother

There is one more very important reason why God taught us to call Him Father: it is to reveal to us the existence of His wife-our spiritual Mother. If God is our spiritual Father, and we are God’s children, shouldn’t we also have our spiritual Mother?

Galatians 4:26 “But the heavenly Jerusalem is the free woman, and she is our spiritual mother.” (ISV)

Galatians 4:31 “Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.”

If we accept God as our Father, what shall we call his wife?

Jerusalem, our Mother, is the wife of God the Father. She is our God the Mother. All children here on earth are given birth by their mothers. For us to be given birth in heaven and receive eternal life, we must have our spiritual Mother. The truth about God the Mother is the biggest mystery in the Bible that everyone must know. God the Mother has come to the earth to find you, every one of us. And now she is reaching out Her hand to the Filipino people.

Come to the World Mission Society Church of God where God the Mother is.

Where can we find Jerusalem, then?

Isaiah 33: 20 Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; Your eyes will see Jerusalem, a quiet home, A tabernacle that will not be taken down; Not one of its stakes will ever be removed, Nor will any of its cords be broken. (NKJV)

In Zion, you can find Jerusalem. What is Zion? Hint – ‘city of appointed feasts’.What do appointed feasts indicate? The feasts of God. You can find the Zion only in the World Mission Society Church of God that has all the feast of God.