Love of Heavenly Mother Testified in God’s Letters

November 29, 2022
Love of Heavenly Mother Testified in God's Letters

Father and Mother’s Letter of Love

Parents’ love and sacrifice are often forgotten when they get older.

One day while browsing through the internet, I came across a video about people reacting to “Isang Liham Ng Magulang” (A Parent’s Letter) whose author was anonymous. The people reacting to the video were all male but couldn’t hold back their tears. I, myself, couldn’t hold back my tears while watching the video.

My dear child,

As I get older, please understand me and forgive me when I break a plate because of my blurred vision. Or threw soup on the dining table. Please don’t scold me. An old man is sensitive.

I feel sorry for myself every time you shout, when my ears are weak and I can’t understand what you are saying. Please don’t call me deaf, just repeat or write what you said. I’m really sorry son, I’m really old.

If my knee is weak, please be patient and help me stand up, just like I helped you when you were just learning to walk. Please forgive me if I become persistent and repetitive like a broken record, just listen to me. Please don’t laugh at me or get tired of listening.

Do you remember, son, when you were young and  wanted a balloon. You keep asking for it repeatedly  all day until you get what you want. I put up with your persistence.

Please be patient with my smell. I smell like an old hag, like the ground. Please don’t force me to take a bath, my body is weak. It’s easy to get sick when I get a cold. Please don’t be disgusted by me. Do you remember when you were young? I patiently chased you under the bed when you didn’t want to take a bath.

I’m sorry if I am often grumpy, perhaps due to my old age. When you get older, you will also understand me.

When you have a little time, can we have some talk at least for a while. I’m bored at home, I’m alone all day with no one to talk to. I know you’re busy with work, but I want you to know that I’m eager to tell you stories, even though I know you’re not interested in my stories. Do you remember, son, when you were young? I patiently try to understand your stammering story about your toy.

And when the time comes that I get sick and lie on the bed of illness, please don’t be disgusted to take care of me. Please forgive me if I get wet or dirty in bed. Please persevere to take care of me in the last moments of my life. After all, I will not last long.

When the moment of my passing comes, please hold my hands and give me the courage to face death and do not worry. Before I close my eyes, I will pray to the Father to bless you because you have been loving to your father and mother.

Loving you always,

Your father and mother

When Children Forget Parents’ Love

Parents sacrifice so much for their children, but the children end up forgetting everything as they grow up, being filled with ambitions and aspirations in this world. They become preoccupied with the worries of this life, thinking only of themselves, and end up hurting the people who love them the most. Many, if not most children, get farther away from their parents as they grow older, considering other people more important than their parents. And only then when they become parents themselves, come to realize how much their parents put up with them when they were younger. Some don’t even realize it until they are gone.

Our Heavenly Father’s Letter To Those Who Forgot

There’s nothing our Heavenly Father and Mother want more than for their children to return home. In the letter, since their child was young until they are so old, the parents only want to talk and spend time with their children.

Don’t Forget Heavenly Mother’s Love

We also have spiritual Parents whose love we have forgotten. Especially, we have Heavenly Mother who got separated from us because of our sins. Remember Heavenly Mother before it’s too late.

Our Heavenly Father wrote letters for us, His sinful children, to remind us about the Forgotten Love Of Heavenly Mother.