Elohists’ Blood Drive – Lukso ng Puso, Lukso ng Dugo For Thalassemia

November 16, 2015
Elohists Blood Drive – Lukso ng Puso, Lukso ng Dugo for Thalassemia / 11.16.2015, Elohists’ Blood Drive

Elohists’ Blood Drive for Thalassemia

In order to share the love of Heavenly Mother to patients who have thalassemia, the nationwide student organization of Elohists, held a blood drive at the main lobby of the Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon City, on November 16, 2015.

UP Elohist, along with PUP, UCC, and NU Elohists prepared a series of activities and events for Thalassemia patients, such as: an awareness campaign, a blood donation drive for the patients, and a consolatory party for the patients and their families.

What is thalassemia?

Thalassemia Major is a blood disorder where the body cannot make normal hemoglobin needed to produce healthy red blood cells. This results in excessive destruction of red blood cells thus leading to the most severe form of anemia. If left untreated, more complications such as liver problems and heart failures begin to appear.

Four universities, three activities, one goal

From November 3 to 13, the thalassemia awareness booths set up in UP Diliman, PUP, UCC and NU continuously showed an info video. The awareness booth also served as registration booths for the blood donation drive.

During the blood drive, 200 people, mostly university students, willingly gathered to donate blood. Among them, 91 persons were eventually deemed healthy and were able to successfully donate their precious blood. Former AFP Colonel Joel Torregoza, head of the Galloner’s Club, made a surprise visit to encourage the donors.

Students’ actions, Mother’s heart

The Elohist organizations are university students’ outlet for sharing God’s love with their neighbors. These youths harness their passion and use their energy to counter the prevailing trends of individualism and materialism. All these noble endeavours are inspired by the love of Heavenly Mother who always encourages Her children to sacrifice themselves for the greater whole.