Elohists’ Blood Drive – Lukso ng Puso, Lukso ng Dugo For Thalassemia

Elohists’ Blood Drive for Thalassemia

Elohists Blood Drive - Lukso ng Puso, Lukso ng Dugo for Thalassemia
Elohists Blood Drive – Lukso ng Puso, Lukso ng Dugo for Thalassemia / 11.16.2015, Elohists’ Blood Drive

In order to share the love of Heavenly Mother to patients who have thalassemia, the nationwide student organization of Elohists, held a blood drive at the main lobby of the Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon City, on November 16, 2015.

UP Elohist, along with PUP, UCC, and NU Elohists prepared a series of activities and events for Thalassemia patients, such as: an awareness campaign, a blood donation drive for the patients, and a consolatory party for the patients and their families.

What is thalassemia?

Thalassemia Major is a blood disorder where the body cannot make normal hemoglobin needed to produce healthy red blood cells. This results in excessive destruction of red blood cells thus leading to the most severe form of anemia. If left untreated, more complications such as liver problems and heart failures begin to appear.

Four universities, three activities, one goal

From November 3 to 13, the thalassemia awareness booths set up in UP Diliman, PUP, UCC and NU continuously showed an info video. The awareness booth also served as registration booths for the blood donation drive.

During the blood drive, 200 people, mostly university students, willingly gathered to donate blood. Among them, 91 persons were eventually deemed healthy and were able to successfully donate their precious blood. Former AFP Colonel Joel Torregoza, head of the Galloner’s Club, made a surprise visit to encourage the donors.

Students’ actions, Mother’s heart

The Elohist organizations are university students’ outlet for sharing God’s love with their neighbors. These youths harness their passion and use their energy to counter the prevailing trends of individualism and materialism. All these noble endeavours are inspired by the love of Heavenly Mother who always encourages Her children to sacrifice themselves for the greater whole.


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  1. This is really the most amazing church I’ve ever known, the only church where you can feel and be satisfied with true spiritual love! The members are very consistent with their good deeds and with how they share the love of God. I will continue to study the Bible and let people know about the truth of the new covenant in the Bible that this church has 🙂 Eternal thanks to God the Father and God the Mother!

  2. I am very proud that I also joined this wonderful event and shared my blood to save life. I was afraid of donating blood but I overcame thinking of love of Heavenly Father & Mother.

    • It is not easy to donate blood but Heavenly Father and Mother gave us Their precious blood thru the Passover. Therefore we can receive eternal life. Likewise we can do it, as we have freely received.

    • God bless U, many people are suffering shortage of blood reserves, so I think that this is what the whole world needs. I also joined in it several times , and each time i was thankful for being part of the Church of God.
      Thanks to Father n Mother

  3. Blood drive is really worthy job. It looks like just a little amount of blood but it could save some suffering man. Thank you for your efforts to save the world!

    • Blood drives, nowadays, are needed by many people. However, it’s not easy to participate in a blood drive. Above all, those who want to participate in a blood drive have to possess love for another.

      • You are right. Blood drive isn’t easy but the memebers of WMSCOG did it.
        I think this was possible because they feel God the mother’s love.

  4. Doing something good for someone, whether or not it is big or small, deserves applauds from all of us. It’s not easy to love other people. This kind of activity will work a miracle in someday!

  5. Through many purification activities around us we are able to make good society to live. I thanks to World Mission Society Church of God in Philippines ^.^

  6. The members from the WMSCOG endlessly support those who are in need everywhere, practicing the love we have learned from God Almighty, and I feel so proud that I am a part of it! 🙂

  7. Well done! It is a very beautiful story that different universities gathered for one goal and achieved it. I really hope more students participate in this work 🙂

  8. I really give thanks to Our Elohim God who gave us a chance to work for something that is not in vain. I would work for the glory of God to the end. Let us go together, Brothers and Sisters.

  9. I’m very happy to be with not only God the Father but only God the Mother.
    Thanks to God Elohim for choosing me as children of God.?

  10. The blood of Passover include the meaning of sacrifice of Christ. So, this activity is special and wonderful for all people in the world.

  11. WMSCOG members’ beautiful hearts come from Heavenly Mother.
    Mother’s love is melting the hearts of the people all over the world!
    I give all thanks to our Heavenly Mother who loves us forever!

  12. It is difficult to donate your blood.
    I know you have known heavenly mother’s love and you want to share the love with many people.
    Your action, blood drive, was one of the ways to share the love!

  13. Participating in the Blood Drive was an awesome experience that I have had so far. It makes me feel that I have contributed to save precious lives. Very pleased and happy to be a member of WMSCOG.

  14. Some people insist that we no longer need to keep the commandments of God. But many people will be shocked if they find out that the Old Covenant of Moses was changed into the New Covenant of Jesus. I appreciate being given the Law of Christ!

  15. whoa1h this blog is great i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, a lot of people are looking around for this information, you can aid them greatly.

  16. The passionate students are so coooool! Their power is from Elohim God’s Love. I eagerly look forward to their good activity spreading God’s Love.

  17. I’ve took part in this kind of activity with brothers and sisters a few months ago. I felt that I was doing something good for others as a member of my community!

  18. Leading something good for neighbors is very important for all of us. People have a mind to do this kind of things. When they meet the condition, they can show their mind by deeds!

  19. Blood drive, this is so good for our neighbors. Lots of good things. This campaign is to be followed by you and me because we are living with other people!