Category Activities Korean culture shines at UP Diliman event

Korean culture took the spotlight as UP Elohist’s Moon Embracing Diliman event attracted students from all over the university. The event took place on February 24, 2017, along the covered walk of the Institute of Mathematics. Panels on Korea’s historical highlights and traditional games and food gave students a firsthand sample of Korean culture.

Korean culture comes to life on school grounds

Moon Embracing Diliman officially opened at 10 AM. After registration, participants had a photo-op with Korean students from Gangnam who were in the Philippines at the time. UP Elohist members then guided participants through the exhibit on Korean culture and history.

The exhibit was mainly made up of simple but interesting paper lanterns to really bring out the flavor of Korean culture. One lantern revealed how China’s Shi Huangdi, India’s Rabindranath Tagore, and even the Bible all placed special emphasis on Korea. A wooden shelf with a traditional roof and groups of paper dolls served as the exhibit’s centerpiece. Each set of dolls represented one of Korea’s five most famous folktales. A line of smaller lanterns spelling out “ELOHIST” hung from beneath the paper dolls. Upon reaching this point, UP Elohist members explained their organization’s name—Elohist from the Hebrew word “Elohim.”

Lovely interactions and positive feedback

After their crash course on Korean culture, participants tried their hand at traditional games. With the help of Elohists and Korean students, players collected points to trade for Choco Pies or veggie pancakes. Games included the tossing game tuho, and the popular board game yut nori featuring giant yut sticks.

Lines sometimes formed because of the number of students who would arrive and finish the exhibit together. In the mean time, to ease the wait while experience Korean culture, participants joined a simple buchaechum/fan dance. UP Elohist provided a guide video while Korean students danced along with participants for a friendly atmosphere.

Finally, participants gave their suggestions for future events in short interviews. They all enjoyed experiencing Korean culture, while some students shared their curiosity about finding out about the word “Elohim.” In line with this, UP Elohist gently introduced its upcoming Alternative Classroom Learning Experience. Participants received invitations to “Elohim: Naturuan ka na ba Nila?”, a seminar about Biblical prophecies involving Elohim and South Korea.

Korean culture, stepping stone to the ends of the east

Korean culture is known for respect and gentleness. At the same time, it reflects a gracious heavenly culture. After all, Korean culture sprouts from the prophesied ends of the east in the Bible. Several prophecies point out that God Elohim will appear from the east of Israel and from Patmos Island. The world still waits for God to save mankind, but it is unsure of where to find its Savior. However, UP Elohist gladly proclaims good news to UP Diliman—God has already come to the earth, in South Korea.

Category Activities>Cleanup Campaign ASEZ and Metro Manila Elohists’ “Green Campus Cleanup”
ASEZ Cleanup near PUP Manila

ASEZ Cleanup near PUP Manila

Top Universities in One Goal through ASEZ

185 students from the Elohist University Clubs Association in Metro Manila joined the 3438th Worldwide Cleanup Campaign, entitled “Green Campus Cleanup” launched by ASEZ in celebration of winning the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, near PUP Manila on the 15th of January 2017.

On the same day, the National University of Singapore, ranking 12 in the world, Germany’s Humboldt University of Berlin, Paris Descartes University (Paris V), Chung-Ang University of Korea, USA Seattle’s University of Washington, Republic of South Africa’s University of Cape Town, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mongolian State University of Education, Australia’s Western Sydney University, and around 80 international universities, simultaneously conducted a cleanup drive in and out of campuses, in accordance with this event by ASEZ.

In the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) spearheaded the event, and Elohists from the University of the Philippines, Diliman (UP); National University (NU); University of Caloocan City (UCC); Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST), Systems Technology Institute (STI), and Marikina, put on their gloves and brought sacks to transform the PNR railways near PUP Manila. They were joined by personnels from Manila City Hall, Barangay Officers, and PNR policemen.

150 Sacks in Only around 2 hours despite Trains and Trolleys

Despite PNR trains passing by the cleanup area every hour, and trolleys every now and then, the disturbance did not stop the Elohists to still remain energetic and joyful throughout the duration of the cleanup, from 9AM until before 12NN. In order to ensure the safety of the valiant students, 13 policemen from the PNR station stayed and guided them. Even children from the nearby residential area couldn’t help but join. As they saw the zeal and kindheartedness of the students, they became curious and consequently started to follow them. They were provided with gloves as well. The kids’ help and fun chatting provided Elohists with more motivation and spirit so they filled sacks much faster. In only around two hours, 150 sacks were collected.

Unity even after event, not only among members but with everyone else

In bringing the sacks of garbage to the assembly place, unity is evident among the members. They formed a line from the railways and passed sack after another until it reached the dump area. They cleaned themselves through the provision of the Barangay Hall. Afterwards, they were provided with food at the tent put up by the organization for the event.

Even the Manila 6th District Councilor, Carlos “Caloy” Castañeda, showed support as he sent Miss Angela Castañeda on his behalf. Nine officers from the Barangay Hall came to the event as well.

RPO Orlando Bolima commented, “This is no small thing! Even though you covered only a small portion of the PNR railways, a lot of garbage were already removed from the area–it looks over a ton already! Maybe this time, this event would engrave in the hearts of the residents that they themselves should have the initiative to clean their surroundings, because even you, who are not from here, willingly cleaned their garbage for them. This is a good example. Your activity is very meaningful.”

ASEZ, Students in Unity for a Good Cause

ASEZ is a university student voluntary organization of the Church of God. The members are working to help and give hope to people in the global village. They do so in terms of environmental protection and emergency aid activities and social welfare and awareness enhancing programs. All these are to ultimately practice the love of God the Father and God the Mother. Elohists hope to encourage students to work with them in unity towards achieving one goal: a better world, starting from their own campuses.

Category Activities>Activities>Cleanup Campaign Elohists Clean Sitio Pulo Island
Sitio Pulo Island Cleanup Drive

Sitio Pulo Island Cleanup Drive

November 27,2016 Cleanup Drive at Sitio Pulo

Sitio Pulo Cleanup Drive with 82 Passionate Students

Aboard boats to Sitio Pulo were college students from the Elohist University Clubs Association.

82 students from the University of the Philippines, Diliman (UP); National University (NU); University of Caloocan City (UCC); and City of Malabon University (CMU)  chose to devote their Sunday helping the environment on November 27th. Some personnel from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) joined the volunteers.

189 sacks removed in less than three hours

Aiming to clean Block 1 and 2 of Sitio Pulo, Elohists armed themselves with rakes, ropes, and tons of rice sacks. To work efficiently, volunteers worked by buddies and lined up along the shore. They not only picked up trash, varying from plastic to leather, but also segregated them sacks upon sacks by category.

In carrying the sacks of garbage to the assembly place, unity is evident among the members. Male members made use of bamboos lying around to create a makeshift carrier of garbage sacks, to bring many at once. Even female Elohists carried sacks on their shoulders. Upon seeing the members, some kids from the residential area began helping the volunteers. The kids, who went to the island only to play and swim, cheerfully helped the volunteers in picking up garbage and carrying sacks.

In less than three hours, Elohists gathered 189 sacks of garbage from Sitio Pulo. The sacks of garbage will be transported to the baywalk the following day.

“We saw the perseverance of the members to help clean the community, so we are very grateful,” said Ms. Lara S. Fajardo, an Information System Analyst I of DENR-NCR. “On behalf of DENR-NCR and our Regional Director, Ms. Lourdes Wagan, we are very thankful that the Elohist Organization chose this site for their cleanup.”

Sitio Pulo, A Bird Haven

Sitio Pulo is a long narrow island surrounded by mudflats, situated in the Manila Bay coast of Navotas. It is a sitio in the northern village of Tanza, formerly connected to the mainland by a bamboo bridge.

It used to be really beautiful as mangrove trees covered its entirety, and had a variety of fauna. Currently, it is home to 2,000 birds. Egrets, terns, kingfishers, gulls and plovers come to the island during winter in the northern or southern hemispheres. Even the Chinese egret, which was formerly a seasonal visitor, has now made Sitio Pulo its home.

But it all changed when informal settlers began moving in. Cutting down mangroves, the settlers turned them into firewood. They even catch birds for food.

Sitio Pulo, A Clean Haven

Hoping to make Sitio Pulo a healthy haven for migratory birds, Elohist members resolved not to stop just yet. To make Sitio Pulo a safe and clean haven, Elohists plan to continually conduct cleanup campaigns in the island.