The Only Church Invited in the United Nations High-Level Conference

WMSCOG, First Church Invited in UN Conference

In United Nations (UN) Headquarters Economic and Social Council meeting room in New York, U.S.A., the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) caught attention of the world, as its General Pastor gave speech on 13(Local time) during the 71th United Nations (UN) general assembly meeting entitled Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which is a high-level conference held every end of the year lasting three hours from 10A.M. to 1P.M.

“It is the first time that a religious man attended in CERF high-level conference,” said the surprised Lisa Doughten, the representative of CERF. Because of this surprising event, attendees such as: the UN Secretary-General, Ban-ki-moon, who did the opening address; Steven O’Brien, the Director of United Nations (UN) Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), who lead the meeting; the Uganda UN Resident Coordinator, Rosa Malango, who attended as Designated Discussant; Filippo Grandi, Minister of Development and Cooperation of Denmark and UNHCR High Commissioner; Sam Kutesa, Foreign Minister of Uganda; and representatives of UN members and observers, UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), foundations and the private sector etc.. which amounted to around 200 people, opened their ears to the speech of the General Pastor, Kim Joo-Cheol.

Kim Joo-Cheol Introduced WMSCOG

The Only Church Invited in the United Nations High-Level Conference

In the presence of all the representatives of each country and the United Nations (UN) officers, Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol introduced, “The Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother in the Bible, and keeps the truth of the new covenant which Jesus Christ Himself established.” and explained that “The Church of God has 2.5 million members in 175 countries and did clean up campaigns, food aid, and through the Emergency Response Team, did many kinds of relief activity. And all these humanitarian activities came from the heart of ‘Mother.'” As CERF and UN Support Groups care for the world with the same mind as Church of God, the Pastor promised to support and cooperate even in the future.

WMSCOG Recognized by the World

An invitation from the United Nations requires exceptional charity and volunteer activities, which the Church of God willingly and consistently did in the past years. They gave donations for the victims of earthquake in Haiti in 2010, and in Nepal in 2015. In 2015, they also held Charity Concerts for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. Because of these, the United Nations praise and highly view the Church of God. On November 27, the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, in regards to ‘Charity Orchestra Concert to Help the Victims of Haiti Hurricane‘ held by the Church of God in Denver, U.S.A., said, “I truly give thanks to Church of God for their constant efforts to spread the fact that we are all friends and one although we are different country, human race, religion, position through the Disaster recovery, and volunteer activities.”

The World Mission Society Church of God was established in 1964 in South Korea. Now counting at 2500 churches in 175 countries, it spread to the whole world in a short period of time. They not only practice the teachings of God in the Bible such as the Sabbath, the Passover, etc. Moreover, they also practice love for their neighbors in various ways. Due to their consistent efforts for neighbors and community, they were awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service‘ with the title ‘Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, (MBE)‘ from Queen Elizabeth II of UK, numerous U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award from former President Barack Obama, and Korean Presidential Citation, and until now, they received around 2000 awards from the government of each countries, municipality, and public organizations.

(Here is the full documentation of the conference:

Speech of the General Pastor in UN Conference

“Dear UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and distinguished members. [I am] Kim Joo-Cheol, the General Pastor of the World Mission Society Church of God. The Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother in the Bible and keeps the New Covenant Truth established by Jesus Christ.

The world is now experiencing the devastating effects of wars, famines, earthquakes and climate change. Although much has been done, we now need to do even more. Our church would like to applaud the continued efforts of the CERF and the supporting  entities of the UN. These disasters are not isolated to just one country. Therefore the Church of God regards all 7 billion people in the global community as family and cares about them.

Saving one soul is to save the world. Thus we must love one another. [Elohim God who created the earth already knew of this kind of concern.]
The Church of God which has 2.5 million members in 175 countries has actively responded to various relief efforts around the world through environmental clean-up, food aid and emergency disaster response teams.

[Even the United States and Korean President honored these activities of the Church of God with awards]. And in this year, the Queen’s Voluntary Service Award, along with the title of MBE from the Queen of UK.

All these Church of God humanitarian activities [actually] originated from the heart of a mother. We believe that the United Nations also takes care of the whole world with the heart of a mother. For this reason the Church of God would like to continue to support the CERF and looks forward to working with other entities of the United Nations in the future to help all those in need.

Thank you very much.
God bless the UN.”


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  1. It is so amazing that the WMSCOG can send its own representative in UN and proclaim its own policy toward peoples of the world. Thanks to Father and Mother for making all these possible so that the glory of God can be spread swiftly and quickly. And also for giving us a realization that the prophecies are so sure and true.

    • That is true. Now the world has come to know the heavenly nation and accept it as one of the nations of the world. I think the is amazing.

  2. Wow! It’s amazing. Anyone can not be invited in UN High-level conference. Only World Mission Society Church of God was invited as the church. It is proved that it make many contribution in the world and carry out the roles of the light and salt and share the love through the various voluntary service in the world. All teachings come from God the Mother. I want many people learn the truth in the Church of God.

    • It is very shocked for me to read the issue as a person does not go to church in that CERF is UN High-level conference. How the church participate there? The church may have something.

      • Yes, this church has something–Mother’s love. <3 Mother's love which fueled so many volunteer events–Nepal earthquake? The day after the quake, members quickly helped clean up debris and assisted neighbors, not minding how they risked themselves. Hurricanes like Sandy and Haiyan? Members worldwide pitched in for relief efforts and benefit concerts. All wishing to share Mother's love <3 a love that all led up to this lovely Church of God being noticed and even invited by the UN. Feel free to visit the nearest Church of God to find out more! It's really amazing, not to mention 100% Biblical. 😀

    • This is unusual thing!! As you mentioned, unless the love and good example of Heavenly Mother, nothing!!
      In other words, there must be truth in WMSCOG!!

  3. Thanks to God the Father and Mother for shining Your glory to the whole world.
    I hope all people recieve heart and love of Mother.

  4. How amazing is the Wmscog ! The love of God is spread through your the world ?
    Thanks to Father ans Mother for allowing this to take place. All 7 billion people in the world will realize the love of Mother who is God overall ❤️

  5. It is an amazing news! The WMSCOG is not a national entity but rather a religious one! It is an exceptional occasion that a religious entity was invited to UN High-level conference for a speech. Feel very proud and pleased to see God make all the prophecies in the Bible come true. All thanks to be upon God Elohim!! 😀

  6. It’s first time to be invited as a Church in UN Confernce. How proud of u is? We,Church of God believe in God the Father,Christ Ahnsahnghong n God the Mother as General Pastor had said.
    Thanks to Father n Mother~

  7. As evidence of good deeds and perfect Truth! WMSCOG has been seated amongst the nations to deliver the message of Mother’s Love and saving 7billion souls! The mission continues

  8. In this day and age, it’s comforting to find an actual church that is committed to all people and not just its members. I’d like to get to know Father and Mother again this time around.

  9. I. Feel overwhelmingly thankful that we are in this church . The true Church that the Bible talks about~!! All the prophecies are being fulfilled one by one.

  10. What happened in church of god?? .. It is just god’s will.. Thanks to god the father and mother. The kingdom of heaven is really near. ANIMO:D

  11. The Church of God served a model for others. They have a passionate concern for the under-privileged and try to help them.

  12. Amen..I love you Father and Mother because of you true teaching and guidance we come to know our true God who cares for us and love us truly..

  13. A few days ago, one of my friends said to me, “Amazing! I wonder God the Mother exists. Does the Bible explain it?” I hope him to have a chance to study the Bible in Zion.

  14. UN and the Church of God that have one thing in common, that is, both of them are working so hard to help ppl in need with a restless love like the heart of mother

  15. WMSCOG is truly amazing po! This is the only church that invited in the UN Conference. It’s shows how Church of God greatly contribute to the society through various volunteer activites done with a heart of Mother.

    • What is more, General Pastor of the WMSCOG introduced Elohim God. Elohim God’s glory was proclaimed there. What will be the next his year?

    • Elohim God’s gospel work will be finished someday! of course, we do not know the future. However, when we keep in step with God’s prophecies, we’ll enter heaven’s kingdom without fail!

  16. Heaven’s kingdom is near~. Even I was surprised when I heard this amazing news. A high-level conference, wow! The prophecies are happening so fast before our eyes ^^ Thanks to Father and Mother!

  17. Surely, heaven’s kingdom is near at hand. The fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible prove this fact. Truly, now is the time to pay attention to God’s prophecies!

    • There’ll be great thing this year! I want to carry out my mission as a gospel worker being faithful to Elohim God’s prophecies.

  18. Elohim God sought my soul when I was a heavenly sinner without cost. I want to preach Their coming in the flesh to people even though I do not know who they are.

    • If we, Elohim God’s children, are united within Elohim God’s love, then, the day will come quickly when we enter heaven’s kingdom!

  19. No one can gives me eternal comfort except Heavenly Parents. Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother love me so much! Their glory will fill the whole world swiftly!

  20. There’ll be no one who missed the opportunity to hear about the Spirit and the Bride before the day comes! Elohim God’s gospel all over the world!

  21. On that day, only what is from Elohim God will be helpful! Recently, many people are rushing into the WMSCOG to receive Elohim God.

    • WMSCOG is the place where heavenly blessing is allowed to those who truly want to receive it. Being invited to UN is amazing. It’s Elohim God’s grace!

  22. No church delivers the message of Elohim God’s salvation except the World Mission Society Church of God. The WMSCOG is the true church which shines Elohim God’s glory!

  23. This was such a great time to let the world know about our God. All things are being done by the will of God. Thanks to father and mother

  24. I take it for granted that the WMSCOG was invited by UN CERF. The WMSCOG follows the Bible and puts into practice what is written in the Bible.

  25. Heavenly Father and Mother is Truly Elohim and is Carrying out the work of Salvation for all Mankind. Come to the Church of God…. We love You…

    • Absolutely! Christ Ahnsahnghong is God the Father in the flesh and God the Mother came as the source of living water. This great thing came from Elohim God’s help!

    • Only those who receive and follow Elohim God will inherit the kingdom of heaven. It’s impossible to be saved with following Them in Zion!

    • There’s no doubt that Elohim God will save us with living water! Everyone can seize the opportunity of being saved for eternal kingdom of heaven!

    • Amen!!
      So the world give glory to God!!
      “It is the first time that a religious man attended in CERF high-level conference”
      In other words, it’s amazing thing because God leads this church!!
      Come to the church which God dwell!!

    • For Elohim God’s glory, I will do my best as a gospel worker with God’s help! Thanks to Elohim God to allow me to realize what to do!

  26. The truths of life from the Spirit and the Bride will lead us to eternal salvation. This gospel from Elohim God will be delivered to the whole world swiftly!

  27. All humanitarian activities came from Mother… This Mother’s teaching makes the world be filled with love and peace.

  28. I am so moved seeing this. In the family Fathers are like the back bone and Mothers the Heart. Every time I see World Mission Society Church of God we are always doing something in some way to help everyone around us feel the love from a Mother’s heart. I eagerly look forward to hearing more news.

  29. ……I will you give you honor and praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your fortunes before your very eyes,says the LORD.

  30. Be careful dear Church, they invited you to their council of Nicea in 325ad,.. not to appreciate you but to miss guide you! Do concentrate towards Holy Spirit.!!

  31. We can see WMSCOG’s distinguished achievements through many media source. It became commonly acknowledged that WMSCOG is the world’s leading church.