Worldwide Blood Drive Conducted to Give Love of the Passover, QC

Worldwide Blood Drive. Among 597 participants, 164 volunteers were qualified as donors
Worldwide Blood Drive. Among 597 participants, 164 volunteers were qualified as donors 04.19.2015, Worldwide Blood Drive in Quezon city.

Worldwide Blood Drive in Quezon City.

The 449th Worldwide Blood Drive was held last April 19, 2015 at the Lung Center of the Philippines to give love of the Passover. The members of the World Mission Society Church of God joined hands as they share the love of God through the Passover. This event was simultaneously conducted by all the members of the Church of God throughout the world.

β€œWe resemble God”

The Worldwide Blood Drive was attended by 597 participants from different walks of life who had the burning enthusiasm to donate blood. Among the total attendees, 164 volunteers were qualified as donors. The members of the World Mission Society Church of God believe that we can resemble God, by selflessly giving blood to those in need. The lack of blood in our time is alarming as more people are in need of blood day by day. The event encouraged more people, most especially the young adults, to participate in volunteer activities that prioritize the welfare of our society. Everyone who participated was amazed as they realized in their hearts that the event held was not an ordinary Blood Drive.

The Love of God Given only Through the Passover

This event is truly the love of God given only through the Passover. Like Jesus Chist, the members shared their blood to other people. After the event, the Lung Center of the Philippines invited the World Mission Society Church of God to receive a Certificate of Appreciation for their exemplary work to extend help and to share the love of our God.

What is the Passover?

The 449th Worldwide Blood Drive was conducted to invite people to keep the second Passover on May 3, 2015. The Passover of the New Covenant is the greatest feast of God celebrated annually. The members of the Church of God keeps the Passover by eating the bread that symbolizes the flesh of Jesus and drinking the wine that represents the blood of Jesus. Through the Worldwide Blood Drive conducted, the Church of God shares the love of God who sacrificed his own flesh and blood for our salvation. By donating blood, we share in the sacrifice of our God who set an example of sacrificing Himself to help others.


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  1. Thanks and Praises to Father and Mother. Spreading Mother’s love to the one who are in need as we receive Mother’s love thru Passover. Thanks Father and Mother. We Philippine members will shine the glory of Member to Philippines. Animo brothers and sisters we can do it:)

  2. Wow amazing unity to help other they volunteer to give their blood, blood is life giving your blood giving a chance to other people to live πŸ™‚ amazing just like the Passover God give her blood to the Passover of the New Covenant so the sinner will receive eternal life πŸ™‚ Amazing WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD. who explain about the blood of God to the Passover. please visit to the Church of God πŸ™‚ & receive eternal life to Passover :):)

  3. Our Heavenly Father and Mother, thank you for granting us this homepage to share our fragrances of Zion and to view our updated activities. We are very proud to be part of our Heavenly Family who share the greatest LOVE of our Mother!!

    • It’s true!! I am so happy to read the articles about the truth and activities done by members in the Philippines:D I hope many people will have chance to visit this homepage and visit Church of God.

  4. Zion is now raise up as the highest among mountains and it will be raised even more and our loving brothers and sisters will stream to Mother’s arms. Mother will be happy. Thanks to heavenly Father and Mother. Not long we will go back home to the new heaven and new earth. Eternal thanks and praises be to Elohim God.

  5. Our Loving Brothers and Sisters, let us be unite more and more so the Glory, Love and Sacrifice of Our Heavenly Mother will shine even more. Animo.

    • So happy to be with brothers and sisters who follow Elohim God. They always to show their love for the Spirit and the Bride. I want to a faithful child before Them.

  6. I’m so proud of you all that you did this Blood drive according to the teachings of God as I am Christian, too. You really resemble God!

  7. You are alike God. Yes.. you resemble God. I also want to resemble God like you…God love this world and hope that everyone returns to God truely.

  8. The world mission church of God is a true church that has fulfilled prophey of the Bible to shine glory anf love through God’love.

  9. We can save people’s lives by donating blood, without any special skill or knowledge. All we need is love, love, love! Like this, the WMSCOG delivers love of the Passover. Thanks to Elohim God.

  10. I also experencied Blood donation in last time, but it was a little bit scared.
    However, members of Church of God in above picture look so happy.
    Maybe, They know the pleasure to help other people by donating blood.

  11. Wow. I can feel God’s love by this activity. Just as God gave us eternal life free, we spread the truth that give us eternal life.

  12. Saving lives is more important than anything else spiritually as well as physically. God let us, not anyone else, take charge of this important job. Let’s do our best to make it. Animo!! πŸ˜€

  13. Becoming a member of the WMSCOG is so great. Before the WMSCOG, I never realized this.It’s wonderful to follos Elohim God’s teachings.